Name Tags Description story, trafficking blog, coaching, struggler Noah Church writes and coaches on how to quit porn. course, female, group, male, struggler 8-week online support group, by the Naked Truth Project people in Salford, UK policy policy, trafficking policy, trafficking parent, policy policy, trafficking support Drew Boa trafficking parent spouse internet, residential reSTART is a residential treatment center for addressing problematic use of the Internet. coaching, spouse book parent parent policy, trafficking gaming, internet policy, trafficking policy, trafficking parent policy church, course, minister Founded in 2013 by Garry and Melissa Ingraham, the site offers cirriculum specially designed for those in the church. parent trafficking christian, expert, parent, struggler Interviews with several professionals in the porn-fighting space. article, blog, christian, coaching, group, minister, retreat, seminar, speaker, spouse, story, struggler, training Birmingham, AL, USA christian, course, group, podcast, spouse, struggler, workshop USA blog, book, christian, female, speaker, struggler USA book, struggler christian, coaching, group, sexaholic, struggler Founded by Crystal Renaud, Dirty Girls Ministries hosts online groups for women who are struggling with pornography and sexual addiction. policy, trafficking app, culture, general, research, story, struggler Fight the New Drug is an organization whose goal is to educate the public and to encourage the culture at large to think critically about its current acceptance of pornography. FTND frequently does research and publishes stories that other like-minded organizations reference. They also have created a mobile app called "Fortify" that is designed to help strugglers think more deeply about the effects porn has on them and why they should quit using porn. Clay Olsen is the co-founder and main face of the organization. christian, information, sexaholic, struggler FMM educates and equips the public on Trauma Model / Core Issue Addiction Recovery (CIAR), which they think is the next generation of addiction recovery. christian, course, group, spouse, struggler blog, parent A blog by a mom whose teenage son has been through through porn addiction and recovery. christian, course, group, spouse, struggler device, parent book, christian, device, general, list, parent, spouse, struggler The resources and tools page of the setfreesummit site includes various links to and descriptions of materials such as books, dvds, programs, and more offered by those who exhibited at the setfreesummit (the setfreesummit was focused on discussing porn use in the church).
Moral Revolution: The Naked Truth About Sexual Purity book, christian, parent, youth Recommended by Julee D. sexaholic, struggler Bethesda 4-day workshops are available for men, women, partners, and youth. They are Christian-based and hosted by licensed therapists, the majority of which are Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSATs). Recommended by Jessica Harris. Nashville, TN. Free e-books and support blog policy, speech course, struggler 5 months, $400, "A guided journey for men and women out of unwanted sexual behavior," authored by Jay Stringer, licensed mental health counselor and ordained minister. policy, trafficking book, christian, conference, counseling, group, speaker, spouse, struggler Pure Desire is best know for their Conqueror DVD series with Ted Roberts. The DVD series is most useful in a male Christian recovery and accountability group. Pure Desire also puts on conveferences. also has other materials, primarily books and counseling, helpful for ministers, betrayed spouse, or for individuals trying to quit porn. christian, course, residential, spouse, struggler, youth Pure Life Ministries is "a biblical counseling center, with certified biblical counselors, who themselves have gone through the program and are striving to walk in holiness each day by God's grace and the power of the Holy Spirit." minister, parent, policy, religious, training The Religious Association Against Pornography was founded in 1986 in New York in a meeting attended by 28 Judeo-Christian religious leaders. There is some Islamic representation as well. The name of the organization says it all. policy, trafficking christian, struggler struggler
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